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Kensitas flowers were woven from silk and given away with Kensitas cigarettes in 1933 & 1934. They are unique! Never before or since their issue has a silk been given away contained in an outer protective card.

Woven silks had been given away by The Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Limited as early as 1912 entitled ‘Canadian Miscellany’. In England woven silks had been included with their cigarettes by a small West country firm called E. & W. Anstie at the height of the First World War, 1915, depicting ‘Regimental Badges’ and another series showing ‘Flags of the Allies’. But no issue has captured the attention of the collector by its sheer beauty as Kensitas Silk Flowers.

Many firms have issued silks that were printed directly onto the fabric (including Kensitas 'National Flags' and 'British Empire Flags' issued in 1934). But all of these are dull and do not compare at all with the most beautiful insert ever given away free.

With the exception of the illustrations of the basic silks, all information on this website is taken from the publication
Kensitas Flowers a Study & Catalogue by Ray Wilmshurst.
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