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Series 1
Series 2



Album cover

The albums for all three sizes were sold by postal application to J. Wix for 1/- each. One shilling was equal to five pence today.

Under each silk on the inside of the cover it states:-
A beautiful photograph-type album to contain this series of (qty) woven flowers may be had post free for 1/- from J. Wix & Sons Ltd., Kensitas House, London. Please specify Album "A" (Postcard size) or "B" (Medium size) or "C" (Small size).

The First series indicated the number in the set (qty) but the Second series did not use a number in this information.

The albums measure 23cm wide x 30cm high. Albums "A, B and C" were printed by ‘Darling & Son London’, although some albums do not have the printers name embossed on the back cover.

Album "C" Album "B" Album "A"

Each leaf is printed in layers, comprising a buff card, and either side a green paper glued to the card with reveals, to show the flower, which was inserted via a slit on the left. To the right is a small tab to tuck the edge of the cover under. Postcard size albums do not have this tab. A few small and medium size albums exist without the tab. Normally, tabs are found in these size albums.

The leaves are double sided and each album contained the following:-

"A" 8 leaves 2 flowers each side (space for 30, last side blank)
"B" 5 leaves 6 flowers each side (space for 60)
"C" 5 leaves 6 flowers each side (space for 60)

On the green paper of the leaves is printed a scroll design in darker green. The leaves are held in the album by means of a tasselled beige cord. The spaces were not numbered in any way and with each album these instructions were given on a loose insert printed in green:-

The KENSITAS ALBUM has been designed to provide a fitting place for the preserving of KENSITAS flowers in all their beauty and freshness. To insert flowers in frames open wallet and insert one corner of the part containing the flower in the slit to the left of the frame. This should be done carefully so as not to tear the slit, and a knifeblade will be found helpful. If the flower has been properly placed the cover will fold over the frame, affording further protection to the delicate weaving.

The names of the flowers in the series have not been placed beneath particular frames, as it is believed that part of the joy of possession of the Album will be in arranging the flowers according to personal preference. The flowers included in the series are as follows:- .

There are three types of this insert:-

  1. Series 1 flowers only (Small or Medium).
  2. Series 1 and Series 2 flowers (Small or Medium).
  3. Postcard size flowers only.

The commonest album is for the medium size flowers and the rarest album, like its contents, is the Postcard size.


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