Kensitas Flowers


Postcard Size Colours

1 Antirrhinum
Nasturtium Light & dark red Dark red Light red
2 Aquilegia Orange stamens Blue stamens
Tea rose
3 Aster
Sweet Sultan Pink & Light Pink Pink
6 Chrysanthemum Brown & Gold Salmon & Gold
7 Crocus Mauve & Light Mauve Yellow & White
8 Dahlia Light Cerise Pink
Passion Flower
9 Delphinium
Geum Orange, Light Orange
& White
Red & White
10 Eschscholtzia Gold colour of medium size Salmon colour of Stock
Ten Weeks Stock
11 Gentian
Michaelmas Daisy Pink, Pale Pink & Yellow Blue & Yellow
12 Gypsophila
Sweet Pea Salmon & Blue Blue
14 Heliotrope
Geranium Light Red & Dark Red Light Red Dark Red
16 Iris Purple, Mauve & Yellow Purple & Yellow
Lupin Pink & Pale Pink Pink
18 Love-in-a-Mist Light & dark blue Light & dark blue Light blue Dark blue
Scabious Light mauve & mauve Mauve Mauve Mauve
20 Montbretia Red, Salmon & Yellow Red & Yellow
24 Parrot Tulip
Darwin Tulip Cream, Yellow & Red Yellow
25 Petunia Purple & Pink Purple
Phlox Pink centre Purple centre
26 Polyanthus
Bleeding Heart Yellow Stalks Green Stalks
27 Poppy Light Red & Dark Red Dark Red
28 Pyrethrum Red, Pink & Yellow Red & Yellow
Lady's Slipper
29 Red Rose
Carnation White Cream
30 Violet Yellow Stamens Orange Stamens


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