Kensitas Flowers


"Allow me to take you to the homepage, Sir"


Series 1
Series 2


Cover Types

Type A

Initially the back of the covers was blank and this first printing is known as TYPE A.

Type B

Soon the covers appeared with an advertising slogan, super-imposed over a tobacco plant and an oval.:-

"Why do we give you these inserts?
Because tobacco is a plant and
we want you to realise that only
the finest Virginia Tobacco is used in
Kensitas - The clean centre leaves - These
are the mildest leaves - They cost more
They Taste Better

This is TYPE B with the word morebisected by the oval and realise is with an ‘S’.

Type C

This wording and design must have been considered too small and a new bolder design was introduced. TYPE C has the same wording but the word ‘more’ is outside the oval (20’s) or circle (10’s). Realize is with a "Z" in Medium (All) & Postcard size (Most).

Type D

TYPE D is the same as TYPE C but additionally, inside the cover under the number in the series, is printed:-

"Kensitas flowers are washable and the colours are fast."

This note should not be taken literally.

'I soothe you'

There is only one known cover variety and it is:-

1st. series Medium size - 36. Nicotiana Cover Type A. The language of flowers should be:-'Contentment', it is found with:- 'I soothe you', this variety is not scarce.

Without their covers the flowers are anonymous.


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