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Design Varieties

There are eleven known design varieties - five in the small size, five in the medium size and one in the postcard size.

Small Size:

Poppy Normal

45. Poppy: The central flower droops and is not 'full'. The upper right bud is formed of two teardrops. The foliage is not so plentiful. The leaves are not feathery.

Usually: Large, more open central flower. The upper right bud has four smaller teardrops. The foliage is feathery and more plentiful. This variety is known as "The Floppy Poppy".

Sunflower Normal

53. Sunflower: The central flower has a drooping head. The leaves are feathery.

Usually: The central flower is upright. The leaves are solid, with pointed ends.
The leaves are in fact those of the Chrysanthemum with which the Sunflower is paired on the Postcard size.
Does this mean that the Postcard sizes were designed first and the artist copied the wrong leaves onto the smaller size?

Tea Rose Normal

57. Tea Rose: The flower is only 2.1cm wide. The central petals have different (compact) design.

Usually: The flower is 2.5cm wide. The central petals are nomal design. Both Tea Rose silks are the normal 3.5cm wide

Medium Size

 Dahlia Normal

12. Dahlia: Gap between petals and stamens. Green and Yellow stamens.

Usually: No gap between petals and stamens. All Yellow stamens.

Pyrethum (1) Pyrethum (2) Normal

47. Pyrethrum: Stems originate bottom left. (1) Green and Orange stamens with gap between colours. Small Pink bud, bottom left. Some Red petals are shadowed Pink. Some Pink petals are shadowed Red.

47. Pyrethrum: Stems originate bottom left. (2) All Orange stamens. No pink bud. No shadowing of petals.

Usually: Stems originate bottom right

Sweet Pea Normal

54. Sweet Pea: Five flowers only. Large Red central flower. Large leaves, less tendrils.

Usually: Six smaller flowers. Smaller leaves, more tendrils.

All of the design varieties Small & Medium are only known in cover TYPE ‘A’.


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