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Packets, Tins and Advertising - Jenkyn

Pack of 10 Pack of 20

In common with most brands of the time Kensitas were available in 10’s and 20’s in card packets. Larger amounts of 50’s and 100’s were available in tins.

Like the silks themselves the packets and tins can be found with different printings. The normal advertising slogan for the period was:-

"As good as really good cigarettes can be"

A scarcer slogan is:-

"Just what the Doctor ordered - MILD".

Some packets do not have the 'i' dotted in Kensitas. Some do not have a full stop after Kensitas.

Flat fifty tin 100 tin

The study of these packets, tins & slogans is another story and only a brief introduction has been given.

Appearing on all of the containers and advertising literature of the time is the Kensitas butler - ‘Jenkyn’. He is always portrayed presenting the cigarettes on a tray and he continued to be used by Kensitas in their advertising until the late 1950’s.

Kensitas were keen to point out that 'their cigarettes were made by the Kensitas private process which includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays' . Who knows what this was meant to imply?

Another slogan:-

"Your throat protection against irritation ..... against cough!"


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