Kensitas Flowers


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Small size Medium size

The silks were issued in three different sizes:-

SMALL - Given away with 10 cigarettes and made to fit inside the packet, measuring 4cm. wide and 6.75 cm. high.

MEDIUM - Given away with 20 cigarettes again fitting inside the packet and measuring 5.5 cm. wide and 7.5 cm. high.

Postard size

POSTCARD - Given away with tins of 50 cigarettes (1 silk) and tins of 100 cigarettes (2 silks). It is believed that these silks were not packed into the tins but given away separately. They measure 13.75 cm. wide and 9.5 cm. high.

The small size is the most common as most people could only afford 10 cigarettes at a time. Not only that, the price encouraged smokers to buy 10 cigarettes because, for the same money as a packet of 20 cigarettes (1 silk) they could purchase two packets of 10 cigarettes (2 silks). By this reasoning the Postcard silks are extremely rare.

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The covers were printed by letterpress in green ink on a cream coloured card. The cream card has irregular darker patches intended to imitate parchment. This should not be confused with 'foxing'.

All covers have a similar design on the front. The words Kensitas Flowers in flowing script are set at an upward sloping angle in two lines at the top of each card. At the bottom right is the name of the flower(s) in the same style of print but much smaller.

When the cover is opened the following information is given:-

  1. The flower's meaning in ‘The Language of Flowers’ (Except 1st. Series 32 medium)
  2. A brief quote from Poetry or Literature.
  3. The Botanical history.
  4. Cultural notes.
  5. The number in the series.
  6. Details of an album that may be purchased.

The right hand side of the cover has a fold-over lip on three sides to ensure that the flower stays secure.


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